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Currently – October 2017

Currently – October 2017


I’m linking up today with Anne at In Residence and Dana at Something Good for this month’s Currently!

On this first week of October 2017, I am currently…

Styling:  outfits from the Get Your Pretty On (GYPO) Fall Style Challenge.  These challenges are always a lot of fun and incredibly helpful.  They’ve taught me how to shop wisely AND how to stay on trend!  Here are a few of my favorite outfits so far.  (The Fall Work Wear Capsule is available now!  Yes, that’s an affiliate link!)


Saving:  time and money by using Prep Dish.  Prep Dish provides weekly meal plans and more importantly, well-organized instructions for preparing the meals.  Watch for a full review of my experience with Prep Dish REALLY soon!



Searching:  for Christmas gift ideas.  One of the items on my Autumn Adventures list is to enjoy Christmas shopping by doing it earlier.  If I want hand-crafted gifts, for instance, I know I need to get them ordered soon.  (I’m looking at you, Etsy!)


Picking:  books I want to read and restaurants I want to try.  I’m currently reading The War that Saved My Life, another fantastic recommendation by Modern Mrs. Darcy.

Photo from Amazon


Making:  time for a special treat!  I’m treating myself to an afternoon out tomorrow!  Books and food MIGHT be involved!  Stay tuned for all the details!

What are YOU currently up to!  Leave me a comment and let me know!


Springerize Your Wardrobe

Springerize Your Wardrobe

Spring is officially here, and I’m pretty excited about it!  Autumn fashion rocks my world.  It rocks my world for MONTHS since I live in Coastal Georgia.  (No winter here!)

Now it’s time to change things up.  We’ll have highs in the 80s all week, so it’s DEFINITELY time to change things up in a springtime direction!

My spring wardrobe could benefit from just a little updating.  Know what I mean?  I finally got a good handle on my wardrobe a couple of years ago with the Get Your Pretty On Style Challenges.  I learned how to shop wisely and how to put together multiple outfits from just a few pieces of clothing.  And it was FUN, y’all! 

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Favorite Almost-Springtime Fashion

Favorite Almost-Springtime Fashion

Let’s talk fashion today!  I want to share two fun outfits I’ve worn lately, but FIRST I want to share one of my favorite things with you!

Get Your Pretty On is now offering a PERFECT wardrobe capsule for only $29!!!  I’m really excited about it!  If you’re wanting some basic wardrobe direction, this is where you want to start.  The seasonal challenges all build off of the basics in this one!

It’s called the SAHM Casual Wardrobe Basics Builder.  It provides you a list of 20 clothing items for you to gather.  You probably have a lot of them already, so shop your closet first and THEN go shopping to fill in any gaps.  You’ll also receive 20 days of outfits using those 20 pieces of clothing.  You won’t have to figure out what to wear; it’s all there for you!

(I want to say that this is a great wardrobe builder for ANY woman, not just stay at home moms!)

I discovered these style challenges a couple of years ago when I was REALLY struggling with how to dress this 40-something-year-old body of mine.  I didn’t want to look too young and I sure didn’t want to look too old!  The GYPO wardrobe challenges taught me how to shop well and how to coordinate great outfits from basic pieces and maybe a few special, pn-trend items.

The challenges gave me a LOT more confidence in shopping and looking trendy AND age appropriate.  I now refuse to buy anything if I can’t style it in at least three different outfits. Turns out that spending a little money on challenges like this one has SAVED me a lot of money!

So hurry and sign up for this wardrobe builder!  I know you’ll be pleased with it!   The signup for this ends in a few days, so check it out right now!

Here are a couple of outfits I’ve styled lately, all thanks to what I learned from Get Your Pretty On!


This is a swing dress from Old Navy worn over a sweet pair of LuLaRoe leggings.  To finish the outfit off I added an olive scarf and a pair of ankle boots.  (The olive and blue tie into the pattern on the leggings.)

This is another really basic outfit.  A pair of olive corduroy jeans with a striped swing top and a cardigan.  Add in a fun scarf (I love pattern mixing!) and boots, and voila!  One of my favorite winter outfits!  (The scarf ties together the colors in the jeans, shirt, and cardigan.)

If you’re interested in a more extensive wardrobe planner, check this out!  It’ll set you up for the rest of the year!  Four seasonal wardrobe planners for the price of three!  Annual Membership

Thanks for stopping by today!

For legal reasons I’ll mention that the links in this post are affiliate links.  If you purchase a wardrobe planner,  I’ll make a small commission.
Top Ten Posts for 2016 – Most Popular

Top Ten Posts for 2016 – Most Popular

What a fun year here at OutAndBack!  Thank you for stopping by, reading a while, and cheering me on!  Here are the ten most popular posts for 2016 (based on number of views).

1.  Electric Pressure Cooker – YES!  My initial foray into the world of electric pressure cookers.  I started with the Farberware model; here’s what I thought of it.  (Coming soon:  a post comparing this to the Instant Pot that I purchased later.)


2.  Michael Ann’s Kitchen  Day One of the Write 31 Days Challenge.  Welcome to my kitchen!  Let me show you around!  You’ll find the complete list of posts in this series here.


3.  One Carly, Three Ways  LuLaRoe posts have been VERY popular this year!  LuLaRoe fans abound, and for good reason!  If you’ve not succumbed to the LuLaRoe world yet, Carly is one of their wonderful dresses.


4.  Style Perspectives: How Would YOU Wear It?  I linked up with the fabulous ladies at The Blended Blog for this one.  We styled a blazer, tank/t-shirt, and jeans.  Easy peasy and FUN!


5.  Currently – December 2016  Each month I link up with Anne at In Residence for her “Currently” posts.  The topics change every month.  This is a fun post to write AND a fun way to quickly check out bloggers I don’t know.  The variety of responses each month always amazes me!  Beautiful Thomasville, Georgia featured prominently in this “Currently” post.


6.  In the Beginning  This was Day 2 of Michael Ann’s Kitchen, my response to the Write 31 Days blogging challenge.  On this day I shared what Mama taught me about being a successful cook.  She knew what she was talking about!  (Do you suppose my kids will ever say that about me?!?)


7.  Capes!  This post is nearly a year old now, and it’s cape season again!  Check ’em out and see what you think!  (I like THIS cape post a lot better!)


8.  The Letter R and the Elephant  Yes!  THIS is one of my favorite posts of the year!  Funny, funny story!


9.  Cozy Fashion for the Holidays  LuLaRoe fashion hits the Top 10 again!  This time I styled LuLaRoe leggings and linked up (again) with The Blended Blog.


10.  Fall Fashion Find: A Casual Dress  Wow!  Another fashion post and another link-up with The Blended Blog!


So, I’m curious.  Did YOUR favorite post(s) make the top ten?!?  Leave a comment and let me know!  I plan to list MY favorite posts tomorrow, and most of them ARE NOT on today’s list!  (You KNOW you’ll need to come back tomorrow, right?!?  HOW will you ever sleep tonight?!?)






Cozy Fashion for the Holidays

Cozy Fashion for the Holidays

Y’all won’t be surprised if I tell you I bought another pair of LuLaRoe leggings.  Really though.  I own only a few pair, but I DO love them!  And when I saw these over at Brittney & Teresa’s LuLaRoe group, I just HAD to have them!  Here’s how I’m styling them.


This is my favorite way to wear LuLaRoe leggings.  A little crazy can go a long way, so I like for just a bit of them to peek out between a long tunic/short dress and a pair of tall boots.  I’ve talked about this pintuck top before (here).  It’s from Old Navy.  The boots came from Payless last year.  All of my favorite colors pop up in this outfit!  Gold, olive, burgundy!


On this day I worked up my brave and wore the same leggings with my blue suede booties.  I chose to wear a longer dress to, again, cover a little of the crazy so it wouldn’t be too overwhelming.  I feel more comfortable in the tall boots (I’m just not sure if short boots work well for me), but I wore this with confidence (like my mama taught me), and I received several compliments!  [The dress is from Old Navy, and the booties came from Off Broadway shoes.]

The ladies over at The Blended Blog are talking cozy fashion every Wednesday this month.  We are just beginning to get cozy-worthy weather here in Coastal Georgia.  We’re not doing a lot of sweaters yet, but I still consider these outfits to be cozy.  So I’m linking up with confidence–like my mama taught me!

Any other LuLaRoe lovers out there?  Is it cool enough to wear cozy fashion where YOU live?!?  Chime in below and let me know!




Fall Fashion Find: A Casual Dress

Fall Fashion Find: A Casual Dress

Fall fashion is my favorite!  And the weather here in Coastal Georgia is FINALLY cooperating with the calendar!  Hooray!  Today I’m sharing a great fall fashion find, an affordable, comfortable dress from Old Navy.

I’m 5’6″, and a lot of Old Navy’s dresses are too short for me to wear as a dress.  I have to wear them as a tunic instead.  But this dress is JUST the right length for me!  PLUS it’s an A-line swing dress!  That means it’s forgiving and works well for multiple body shapes.

Fall Dress

With the wine colored dress I’m wearing a Land’s End scarf, Target tights, and Payless boots.  This outfit is perfect for

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Get Your Pretty On!

Get Your Pretty On!

It’s the most wonderful FASHION time of the year!  Am I right, or am I right?!?  If you’re wanting to update your wardrobe and (A) need some help doing it or (B) want to have a lot of fun while doing it, I happily recommend the Get Your Pretty On Fall Style Challenge!

Click here to read all about it!

I’ve done several of these challenges, and I absolutely love them.  They taught me how to:

  • put together outfits that are trendy AND appropriate for my age
  • shop wisely.  (If I can’t style a piece of clothing at least 3 ways, I don’t buy it.)
  • accessorize confidently with a few, fun, affordable pieces.

PLUS I made a lot of great fashion friends with whom I’m still in touch!  (From all over the place, y’all!)

This challenge works well for all ages and body types.  You can spend as much or as little as you like on the clothes.

Click the link above to see how it all works!  Here are a few photos of my outfits from a previous fall challenge.

Let me know if you have any questions by commenting below!  Happy shopping!

(The link above IS an affiliate link, just FYI!)

Style Perspectives: How Would YOU Wear It?

Style Perspectives: How Would YOU Wear It?

Today I’m linking up with The Blended Blog for some fashion fun!  They’re hosting another round of Style Perspectives, and this time the formula is a blazer + tank/t-shirt + jeans + sneakers.  This is an easy look that totally works for my lifestyle!


I’m slowly building up blazer options in my wardrobe.  This is one of my favorites!  A soft, comfy, striped blazer from Old Navy.  I rolled up the sleeves to give it a more relaxed look and then paired it with an orange, v-neck tank top that I’ve had for a while.

The jeans are Riders by Lee brand (curvy fit) from Walmart.  One day I’ll invest in higher quality denim, but these are really pretty great, especially for the price!

And my sneakers!  Ahhhh, my sneakers are from Fit Flop!  Yep!  Anyone who’s around me very long KNOWS how much I love my Fit Flops!  I have several pairs of Fit Flop sandals in my closet, and they feature prominently in my wardrobe in all but the coldest months.  (And those are precious few here in Coastal Georgia!)  To make a long story really short, Fit Flops make my feet, hips, and back VERY happy!  You can read all about the science involved here.

For accessories I added some groovy, orange earrings from Charming Charlie.  (I’m overdue for a visit to that lovely shop, now that I think of it!)  I’m also wearing an orange/gold bangle that I picked up somewhere along the line, and my gold, boyfriend watch.





This is an outfit I could (and will!) easily wear to work, church, a casual date, or the supermarket.

How about you?  Is this a fashion formula you already wear or one that you could see yourself wearing?  How would YOU wear it?!?  Comment here or link up with The Blended Blog!

Style Perspectives: How Would YOU Wear It? #1

Style Perspectives: How Would YOU Wear It? #1

A dear friend of mine is one of the ladies who is a part of The Blended Blog, a lovely place to visit and hang out for a while!  Today they’re kicking off a fun fashion series where everyone gets to show how they would wear _______.  This week they’re showing how they would style a wrap, so I thought I’d link up with them and show you one of my favorite looks from this winter!


I have two capes, both from Cracker Barrel.  (Yep.  You read that correctly! Cracker Barrel!)  My mom gave me a fawn colored one with a fur collar, and I liked it so much I went back and got this one too!  I love the bright red, don’t you?  (Especially against that lovely winter grass color.  Ugh.)

So for this look I’m wearing a blue, marled, swing dress from Old Navy, my favorite pair of LuLaRoe leggings, and my beloved black boots from Payless.  And then I topped it with the red cape!  I feel über feminine in this outfit!

I especially like the layers of color around the hems of the cape and the dress.


The ruffles around the top always make me smile!  The neckline is just right.  It keeps my neck nice and warm but doesn’t choke me at all.


I think I’ll be able to use the cape from time to time even as the temps warm up since it’s made of fairly lightweight fleece.  It will be nice to toss on over a t-shirt and jeans when I see a movie or go out for an evening date when evenings are still chilly.

So that’s my style perspective for wearing a wrap these days!  I’m looking forward to wearing some of my lighter-weight wraps as we’re working into warmer, springtime weather.

(Am I the only one who practically has to wear a parka to prevent frostbite in a movie theater?!?  Sheesh!)