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Currently – May 2017

Currently – May 2017

Today I’m linking up with Anne and Nancy for this month’s Currently!  This month we’re sharing what we’re currently baking, listening to, loving, planting, and remembering.

I am currently…

Baking:  shortbread!  I got a GREAT deal on some mini cookie cutters at World Market just before Easter, and I knew I just HAD to make shortbread to take to our family Easter gathering!  They turned out so stinking cute!

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Read::Watch::Listen::Follow – October

Read::Watch::Listen::Follow – October



It’s time for the Read::Watch::Listen::Follow link up!  And since I’m in the middle of the Write 31 Days Challenge, Michael Ann’s Kitchen, I’m going to swing this one in a kitchen-y direction!

READ: I like to read while I eat, and sometimes I eat at the island in the kitchen.  (Subtle, right?)  I was trying to read Liane Moriarty’s Big Little Lies, but I had to put it aside.  I think Liane’s stuff is just not going to be my favorite.  With all the emotional drain that Hurricane Matthew brought, I wanted something more gentle.  And that’s when I remembered Karla’s recommendation of a book by Grace Livingston Hill.  I purchased this Grace Livingston Hill Collection after I read Karla’s post, and right now I’m reading Exit Betty, one of the books in that collection.  It’s been a lovely, gentle read.  Just right for my tired heart!

WATCH:  I’m a big fan of the Great British Baking Show.  Right now PBS is between seasons, but they ARE showing the Masterclass episodes, and I’m enjoying watching those.  The judges from the regular season demonstrate how to properly bake the challenges from the previous season.  And recipes are posted online!

LISTEN:  I enjoy listening to podcasts while I’m working in the kitchen, and two of my podcast worlds collided this week!  Annie from The Bookshelf bookstore in Thomasville, Georgia and the From the Front Porch podcast was interviewed by Anne Bogel from Modern Mrs. Darcy on HER podcast, What Should I Read Next?  (Did you follow all that?)  This episode was lots of fun, and you can listen to it here.  Check it out!  These are two nice, fun ladies talking about books!

FOLLOW:  The Write 31 Days blogging challenge has been a fun way to scope out new-to-me blogs.  One I’m following more closely these days is *not* new to me, but I’m especially enjoying its 31-day focus right now.  It’s 31 Days in my Italian Kitchen by my friend Sheila!  I’m learning a LOT!  She’s making me want to get in my kitchen and cook up a storm!


Thanks for stopping by my blog/kitchen today!  Please come back again soon!  This is Day 14 of Michael Ann’s Kitchen and the Write 31 Days blogging challenge.  Stop by Making the Most of Every Day to see what others are reading, watching, listening to, and following!