Springtime Fun List – Update #1

Springtime Fun List – Update #1

Hello!  It’s time for an update on my Springtime Fun List!


A few weeks ago I shared a list of the things I want to do this spring.  Here’s the list:

  • Go to the beach at least twice.
  • Try two new restaurants in downtown Savannah.
  • Go to Savannah’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
  • Take a trip to Alaska.
  • Buy a new Easter dress.
  • Get a new, official (professional) picture of Gene and me.
  • Focus on Easter by observing Lent.
  • Make and put up some springtime decorations in the house.
  • Go kayaking in a new location.
  • Write at least one REAL letter or note to a friend each week.

Thanks to a little head start (since spring starts EARLY here in Coastal Georgia), I’ve actually made a lot of headway!

The beach:  I’ve already made my first trip!  A new friend of mine, her two little boys, her mom, and I went to Coligny Beach on Hilton Head Island.  We had a great time!  Now my husband and I need to get back over there!

Try two new restaurants:  Wellllll, we went to a new restaurant here in Pooler!  Buuuut, that wasn’t really the goal.  The problem with restaurants in Savannah is that there are SO MANY of them!  We need to pick two and make them happen.  (The new-to-Pooler restaurant was Metro Diner, just in case you were interested.  They already recognize us, if that tells you anything about how much we like it!)

Y’all, the “bun” is a grilled cheese sandwich on the top and another one on the bottom!  WHAT?!?

St. Patrick’s Day Parade:  Did it!!!  You can see all the pics from our perfect day right here.


Alaska:  Happening SOON!  Can’t wait!

Easter dress:  Here it is!  It’s from Dress Barn.



Portrait of Gene and me:  Not yet.

Lent:  I followed She Reads Truth for their Bible study during Lent.  Currently they’re studying the miracles of Jesus.  Good stuff!

Springtime decorations:  A beautiful, picture-filled post is coming soon!  Here’s a sneak peek!  And what goes better with bunnies than gargoyles!  Am I right?!?  (That was a hint!)


Kayaking:  Again, we DID go kayaking, but not in a new location.  Hmmmm.  We DID see a pair of eagles, their nest, and their two (enormous) eaglets!  Oh, and dolphins!!!

Writing real letters:  I have failed spectacularly on this one so far.  *sigh*

Overall I’m really pleased with all that we’ve been able to do this spring!  What fun!  Want some ideas for YOUR springtime list?  Check out what these ladies are up to!

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15 thoughts on “Springtime Fun List – Update #1

  1. Beautiful Easter Dress!! Love that you made it a goal to write real letters! That’s a great one!! Alaska is going to be so much fun! Enjoy!

    1. Don’t you LOVE getting real letters?!? They’re rare these days, so I’d really love to bless people with letters. Now to just DO it already! Yes! Alaska will be a lot of fun, I hope! Stand by for pictures and adventures! (Thanks for the kind words about my dress! And thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment!)

  2. You have made some serious progress! Hey I can help you with the beach one! How about tomorrow down here?? Then I’ll come up there and help you with the Savannah restaurants! 🙂

    1. I would LOVE to go to the beach with you tomorrow, but I will be wrapping things up here tomorrow and Saturday. I start my trip to Alaska Sunday! You definitely need to come eat with me here in Savannah. I definitely need to go to the beach with you. And we both definitely need to get to Thomasville together!

  3. Envy of your warmer weather for beach and kayaking. I like the fresh green colour in your spring decorations. Look forward to reading your post on Alaska!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Natalie! I love GREEN! I manage to work it into every season, but green is definitely the color of spring, isn’t it! And yes! I suspect there will be more than one blog post from Alaska!

  4. No, not gargoyles. They scare me to death. Can’t wait to see how you incorporate them into your decorating! Love the bunny photo with the cut flower stems. So pretty.

    That sandwich has my stomach grumbling. Truly! I can see why your a frequent flyers at that establishment. I want to try some new restaurants, too, but just hate spending a lot of money to eat. So we need to find some cheap, new restaurants.

    Your Easter dress is adorable. Pretty colors and very flattering lines. I like Dress Barn. Need to plan a trip soon.

    Thank you for your support and for joining in this bucket list fun. XO

    1. Prepare to meet a gargoyle whom you will LOVE! Thanks for being the engineer of this here party train!!! I’m having a blast with this project!

  5. I did lots of shopping at Dress Barn during my working years and always came away with something wonderful. Love the dress’s versatility in being able to go from summer to fall with that cute sweater!

    If you’ve never been, I predict you are going to looove Alaska! Be prepared to have a wonderful time regardless of what the weather might deliver, because that’s part of the adventure of Alaska. We’ve been twice, once with blustery cold, and once with some really sunny days, and both trips were utterly memorable . 🙂

    1. I’ve made several great finds at Dress Barn lately! I wear dresses a lot these days because they’re cooler than shorts. As for the cardi, I keep one on hand at all times due to the air conditioning here! I am SO excited about Alaska! Can’t wait!!! Thanks for being excited with me!

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