Top Ten Posts of 2016 – My Favorites

Top Ten Posts of 2016 – My Favorites

Yesterday I shared the top ten most viewed posts on OutAndBack in 2016.  Today I took a few minutes to look back through all my posts and picked 10 personal favorites.  I’ve listed them in the order they were published.  ( The Letter R & the Elephant and Currently – December 2016 are favorites, but since they made yesterday’s list, I won’t include them here.)

Y’all know I’m all about story, and that’s reflected here.  I love a good laugh, and you’ll that in these posts too.  You’ll also see how  my husband and I spend our weekends and how our daughter (introvert extraordinaire) thinks trick or treating should work!  I hope you’ll enjoy this look back over 2016.

1.  Albert, Tattoos, & the Lottery

2.  Five Things Friday: Together Time

3.  Five Things Friday: Love

4.  What Happened Next (A Funny Story!)

5.  A New Kayaking Adventure

6.  The Role of a Kitchen

7.  Michael Ann’s…Raccoons?!?

8.  A Table Treasure

9.  A Post-Halloween Chuckle

10.  Chinwag #1: Of Kittens and Wrap Skirts & Recliners

*happy sigh*

God has blessed us with another year!  I’m grateful!  Happy New Year, everyone!  Thank you SO much for stopping by!






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2 thoughts on “Top Ten Posts of 2016 – My Favorites

  1. I agree with your Top 10 rather than the ones determined by number of views. I especially love the ones about the Elephant in the Living Room.

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